Who are we

Our adventure in the world of cars commenced in 1985 as supplier to the trade and in 2001 we progressed to delivering cars directly to private clients.
We are specialised in selling medium to high range cars but our strength lies in being able to have the latest new releases ahead of time, often weeks even months before the standard delivery dates.
We supply all prestigious makes of cars, new and pre owned, and with over 25 years of being in business and passion for the world of cars we have acquired a truly successful reputation which can be seen through our clients satisfaction around the world.


Rare cars and new releases

With years of experience together with our excellent reputation in the market we have been enable to seal pre order agreements with most European dealers for exotic and prestigious cars allowing us to have anticipated delivery ahead of normal time.
Our global network of contacts also allows us to have access to the pre owned market offering an impeccable service for those wishing to acquire collectors cars, limited editions and rare exotic cars.


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We offer our services globally

Motorsplanet offers a bespoke turnkey service for luxury and hi performance cars. Through our trusted partners we can deliver in any country in the world whether it be by air, ship or land transport, thus offering a complete service to our clients.